Integral Yoga

Ashesh Joshi

Ashesh Joshi is the editor and designer of this website. Born in India, his spiritual quest began in mid-teens. After two years of study of various lines of spirituality, the books of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother found him. With the new reading and with the practice of Integral Yoga came the deep love for the Mother and glimpses of inner life. After another two years of study and following an inner call, in 1987 he joined Sri Aurobindo Ashram at Pondicherry and spent next 20 years, making small steps everyday towards the great aim of the Integral Yoga. Eventually, following a strong inner urge to share with the world what he had learned and experienced, in 2007 he joined Auroville.

At Auroville, after giving a series of lectures on Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, he felt the need to use live and interactive mediums which will become for participants of the workshop, a trigger to begin inner exercises. That gave birth to his eventual Inner-Work-Workshops where apart from using multimedia presentations, he provides a space to ask questions on this difficult subject and receive insights. His method involves formal as well as an informal sharing where questions and study, games and arts and live interactions end in specially deviced concentration exercises - small but steady steps, for the inner and higher realisations.

Over time, giving more than 450 workshops at Auroville and several retreats in various countries, he has introduced Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga to numerous seekers around the world. Learning and sharing gives him deepest fulfilment as well as challenges him to grow further. His dream is to make the Integral Yoga and the guidance of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother accessible to all. Inner-Work-Workshops and this website are steps towards this.

Ashesh loves to study the works of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother and make compilations from them, some of them are presented on this website. Recently, on 21st June, on the International Yoga Day, he has published an introductory book on the Integral Yoga that is written by him. Please click this link to see or purchase: An Introduction to the Integral Yoga.

As is natural in the practice of Integral Yoga, love of various arts flowered in him, blossoming to his own expression. His works paintings and photographs are displayed on his Art website
His wife Vera Lipen assists him during in his work and during sessions. She is a musician and explores inner dimentions using a very special and newly invented musical instrument called Russian Singing bells. At Auroville she regularly performs and gives open interactive sessions to tune in harmony using bells. Currently she is also involved in inviting the inventor of bells and making a huge bell for Auroville. To listen to her deeply enchanting and meditative music and to know more details about her activities, please visit her website:

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