Dr. Alok Pandey is a seeker on the path of Integral Yoga. A psychiatrist by profession he has had several encounters with death during the course of his medical practice. Being a philosopher by temperament, he raised several issues and sought answers to these both within and without. But neither the prevalent scientific and current intellectual notions nor the traditional religious and conventional spiritual belief could satisfy his quest or resolve deep existential issues regarding life and death, karma and rebirth, suffering and pain, and most of all the goal of human journey. It is only when he came in touch with Sri Aurobindo and The Mother that he found these issues abundantly answered and the thirst of his soul more than quenched by the vast vision and cool refreshing springs of Sri Aurobindo’s works and revelation. He is presently associated with the Sri Aurobindo International Institute of Integral Health and Research, Pondicherry, – an institute dedicated to the work and vision of Sri Aurobindo in the field of health.