Arun Vaidya

Aspiration sky-high touching the beyond,
Prayer oceanic wide submerging all within,
Hopes and dreams encircle the universe,
But feet of clay that is what I have.

Aspirations make the soul ethereal,
Prayers make heart full with joy,
Hopes and dreams find their roots,
Feet of clay remain on the sinking ground.

When all is quiet within,
Spirit and soul in solitude,
Silence becomes the only muse,
Feet of clay follow the Whisper.

When the Grace comes with arms outstretched,
Soul is bared with all its contents,
Heart is opened to be the shrine,
Feet of clay find some repose.

When the footprints on the sand disappear,
The feet of clay find Your Feet.
The feet of clay soar with the soul,—
Oh You become the Wind under my wings.

Published in Mother India: Special Issue, p. 587
(August 15, 2001: The Anniversary of Sri Aurobindo’s Birthday)