Intensities like that do not remain so long as the consciousness
is not transformed—there has to be a period of assimilation.
When the being is unconscious, the assimilation goes on behind
the veil or below the surface and meanwhile the surface consciousness
sees only dullness and loss of what it had got; but
when one is conscious, then one can see the assimilation going
on and one sees that nothing is lost, it is only a quiet settling in
of what has come down.
Yes—the system has to take rest so as to assimilate and renew
its receptive power.
When one is assimilating, one is not receiving.
The periods of assimilation continue really till all that has to be
done is fundamentally done.Only they have a different character
in the later stages of sadhana. If they cease altogether at an early
stage (you are still in a very early stage), it is because all the
Variations in the Intensity of Experience 71
nature was capable of has been done and that would mean it
was not capable of much.

There is always a gain or progress at some point after these
periods of assimilation if one takes them rightly—however dull
or troublesome they may be.

~ Sri Aurobindo

Ref: CWSA Vol. 30, Letters on Yoga-3, Page: 70-71

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