In Indian astrology which considers all life circumstances to be Karma, mostly predetermined or indicated in the graph of the stars, there is still provision made for the energy and force of the being which can change or cancel part or much of what is so written or even all but the most imperative and powerful bindings of Karma. This is a reasonable account of the balance: but there is also to be added to the computation the fact that destiny is not simple but complex; the destiny which binds our physical being, binds it so long or in so far as a greater law does not intervene. Action belongs to the physical part of us, it is the physical outcome of our being; but behind our surface is a freer life power, a freer mind power which has another energy and can create another destiny and bring it in to modify the primary plan, and when the soul and self emerges, when we become consciously spiritual beings, that change can cancel or wholly remodel the graph of our physical fate.1


Astrology is an occult science — it is not a part of the Yoga
except as anything can be made part of the Yoga — if done in
the right spirit.2

Q: “Can astrological truths have any influence on a sadhak?”

That is not the question.2 The question is what influence has the
sadhak on the stars at his birth?3

~ Sri Aurobindo


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