“A perfect humanity being intended society will have to be remodelled so as to be fit to contain that perfection..

“I have also begun, but on a very small scale the second part of my work which will consist in making men for the new age by imparting whatever siddhi I get to those who are chosen. From this point of view our little colony here is a sort of seed plot & a laboratory. The things I work out in it, are then extended outside.”1

Sri Aurobindo

Collective Action of Consciousness

The Mother developed several means to make Sri Aurobindo’s vision practicable. Apart from explaining his writings and guiding practitioners, she also created environments for all to grow together in the collective practice of Integral Yoga as well as to serve as fields for expression of their inner life. The Sri Aurobindo Ashram and the ideal township Auroville are two such spiritual projects of the Mother (situated at Pondicherry, India). Sri Aurobindo Society and Auroville International are committed to dynamic actions in the world, the former associated with the Ashram and the later with Auroville and have network of branches around the globe.

When she was asked regarding the difference between the Ashram and Auroville, the Mother had replied,

“The Ashram will retain its true role of pioneer, inspirer and guide.

Auroville is the attempt towards collective realisation.”2

The Sri Aurobindo Ashram is focused on the realisation of the Divine through a consecrated life of service, and Auroville thrives with creative energies to serve the manifestation of the divine life upon earth.

The Mother held these places as laboratories to further the evolution of the mankind and as cradles to work out the next species, the Superman. These are places of aspiration as well as of inspiration. Since beauty is their ideal, these places are beautiful and appealing to the inner senses.

But it should be noted that ideally they should be visited for a higher aim in mind, not just for tourism. One can find here a small representation of humanity. Like in life, one can meet people of all types, and similar to everywhere else, all play their part towards making the collective life. Thus, here we find people of various levels of spiritual interest, commitment, development and expression.

For the aspiring soul and discerning mind, visiting these places can be a boon. Keeping to the central aspiration, staying in the protection and being discreet, one can inwardly benefit from such places. One can also participate in their activities and contribute to their works.


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