Manoj Pavitran

Knowledge is the starting point, the knowledge of what to do – the vision.

But the Knowledge is impotent without Will and the Will is already busy animating our daily movements. So the Knowledge takes up the Will and compels it to move towards the chosen goal, the vision.

When the Knowledge is yoked to Will the journey starts. Till then you are drifting in the stream of life carried by its various currents. Knowledge-Will empowers you to move in a chosen direction. The cows lead and the horses follow, in Vedic imagery. But our Knowledge and Will are limited.

If the Knowledge becoming Will in man is Agni, the fuel by which Agni grows is Soma, the juice of delight. Without delight both Knowledge and Will struggle to keep up. With every drop of Soma, Agni grows in strength; delight fuels the growth of Knowledge and Will. They seek delight held secret in the workings of Nature, like a bees that goes after honey.

We are honey hunters, seeks of Soma, the nectar of delight in life. Therefore the sages called the science of extracting honey from existence madhuvidya, the honey-knowledge.
In the combs of life there is nectar. There is a deep held intuition in man that seeks after delight and a seeker is naturally drawn towards all that is true, good and beautiful because these are the doorways to delight.

If there is delight missing in your life, know that Soma is not there, the gods are thirsty and tired and your journey has become dull and weak. The gods need Soma to grow in strength and the Soma can be pressed out of existence only through truth, goodness and beauty.

When the mind is hunting after truth, know that it is the way of the mind seeking delight in knowledge and perfect order.

When the Will seeks goodness, know that it is the way of the Will seeking delight. When individual Will seeks only after its own victory at the cost of defeat of other striving Wills the delight derived does not last. Seeking common good of all brings greater joy and delight. The orchestra of harmonized collective life brings larger vistas of delight.

Therefore Mitra, the friend of all, aids the marching gods to find Soma wine.

When the heart seeks love and beauty, know that it is the way of the heart seeking delight. In beauty there is instant delight, the moment of ecstasy, the moment of Ah!

Delight leaves her footprints in the world of forms as beauty.

These are the doorways to delight – truth, goodness and beauty.

Delight is the soul of Light, therefore Rishis loved Usha, the Dawn.

She is Savitri, she is Joyti.
She is Truth-Consciousness.
If her body is Light her soul is Delight.
In her Knowledge, Will and Love are united.
It is for her glance the flowers bloom and the birds sing.
It is she who calls man for the adventure of consciousness to embrace greater delight.

Sunday, June 22, 2008.
Cows, Horses, Agni, Soma, Mitra, Usha, Savitri, Jyoti – these are Vedic terms.