Mr. Arun Vaidya was born and raised in India. After his graduation from Bombay-IIT in 1969, he went to USA for further studies. He holds MS degree in Civil Structural Engineering from Rutgers University, New Jersey and MBA specializing in Finance and Marketing from Columbia University, New York. He lived in USA for 40 years till 2009. He is residing in Pondicherry.

Mr. Vaidya is a business executive with expertise in the field of Integral Business Management. He has demonstrated ability to lead and mobilize others around vision and ideas. He has been an exemplar in managing business initiatives with strategic planning, relationship building, resource management, change management, operations performance management, institutionalizing workforce diversity, and successfully completing on time and under budget multimillion dollar Information Technology projects. He has provided consultation to GM Corporation, Mobil Corporation, US Postal Services and Indian Rail Roads under the auspices of the World Bank.